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Our Kids | Our Community | Our Future


During one of my Leadership TASB training our cohort visited 
the Ferguson Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections. 
Through my engagement with inmates I learned about 
the school to prison pipeline.

This and many other experiences during my leadership
training have strengthened my passion to continue making
sound decisions that positively impact the futures of
our students.


What matters

Maintaining consistent school board leadership as we envision our future is essential.

Cassandra recognizes the value of consistency in an organization. While working collaboratively with the board and superintendent, Cassandra understands the expectations tied to the stewardship of taxpayer dollars. 

Opportunities for teacher and staff leadership and growth is critical.

As we continue to see new teachers in our district, dedicated time for high-quality professional development and on the job support are imperative. As we think about our children, Cassandra believes that evidence based curriculum and professional development have an impact on the quality of education our children receive. 

Community engagement to support a culture of lifelong learning in our students

CFB is a unique combination of multiple municipalities, types of families, businesses and households. Cassandra believes the input of our  community is vital to the continued success of our school district.